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Fiberglass Reinforcements

  • AR Glass Mesh

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    AR Glass Mesh

    Description Hanovo AR-glass mesh is a glass fiber mesh made by alkali resistant glass fiber, produced in tank furnace with a ZrO ₂ above 16.5% by interweaving or warp knitting process, and with 10%-13% coating on its surface, it has superior alkali resistant performance, high tensile strength...Read More

  • Unidirectional Cloth

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    Unidirectional Cloth

    Unidirectional Cloth is ideal for wet lay-up and infusion which require fast wet-out and strength control.Read More

  • E-glass Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat 100g Used For Decks

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    E-glass Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat 100g Used For Decks

    E-glass Fiberglass ChoppedStrandMat100gUsed For Decks E-glass fiberglass chopped strand mat100gis a glass fiber reinforced material made of glass fiber after short cutting and non directional uniform settlement. Powder or emulsion binder is applied. It is mainly applied to hand paste glass fiber...Read More

  • Unidirectional Glass Fiber Fabric For Pipeline

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    Unidirectional Glass Fiber Fabric For Pipeline

    Description Unidirectional glass fiber fabric is made of alkali-free glass fiber yarn directly with one-way 0 ° or 90 ° in parallel, weaves thread lockstitch with polyester sewing and become, with the glass fiber chopped layer and stitch-bonded nonwoven layer for composite mat. Feature Wide...Read More

  • Stitched Mat

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    Stitched Mat

    E-Glass Stitched Mat Description E-glass Stitched Mat is a fabric by chopping continuous strands into chopped strands of certain length and stitching together the chopped strands. Compatible Sizing and Applications : E-glass Stitch Mats are compatible with polyester, vinyl ester, phenolic and...Read More

  • Biaxial Fabric

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    Biaxial Fabric

    Warp knitting fiberglass biaxial fabrics mainly usage forming process;Wind energy, Marine, Boat and yacht, Automotive parts, Sports equipment, Aerospace industry.Read More

  • Biaxial Fiberglass Fabric

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    Biaxial Fiberglass Fabric

    Biaxial Fiberglass fabric is made of fiberglass roving at 0°/ 90°into two layers of roving by stitching together ,It is mainly applied in the hand lay up, RTM and other close molding processes.Read More

  • Multiaxial Core Mat

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    Multiaxial Core Mat

    Description Multiaxial Core Mat is combined with multiaxial fabrics, the middle layer non-woven core, and the chopping layer. It is stitched together with the polyester yarn. The area weight of multiaxial fabrics can be 300~1200g/m2. The area weight of the chopping layer can be 100~600g/m2. The...Read More

  • Chopped Strand Mat

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    Chopped Strand Mat

    Chopped Strand Mat is fine strand reinforcement material made from E-glass cut fibers laid in a random pattern and bonded with powder or emulsion binder. It is specially designed for hand lay-up and continuous laminating process. It is easy to handle and has excellent molding performance.Read More

  • Unidirectional Fiberglass Fabric For Pipe

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    Unidirectional Fiberglass Fabric For Pipe

    Hanovo fiberglass fabric with wide range from 220gsm to 1000gsm and wide width up to 210 inches can meet the requirement for engineering application.Read More

  • 90 Degree Weft Unidirectional Glass Fiber Fabric For Pipe

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    90 Degree Weft Unidirectional Glass Fiber Fabric For Pipe

    90° Weft Unidirectional Fabric is a FRP composite based on 90°weight, attaching (50-500)g/m2 CSM or Nonwoven fabric on the bottom. The weight of the weft direction is 150-1200g/m2, the width is from 5-210 inches. General Fabric SpeciationRead More

  • E Glass Pipe Wrap or Weft Unidirectional Fiberglass Knitted Fabric Cloth for FRP Composite

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    E Glass Pipe Wrap or Weft Unidirectional Fiberglass Knitted Fabric Cloth for FRP Composite

    E glass pipe wrap or weft unidirectional fiberglass knitted fabric cloth for FRP composite Fiberglass cloth is an engineering material, which has many excellent characterstics, such as anti-burning, corrosion resistent, stable structure, heat-isolating, minimum elongated shrinkage, high...Read More

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