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Grid Fabric Geocomposite For Asphalt Layers

Grid Fabric Geocomposite For Asphalt Layers

Grid Fabric Geocomposite for reinforcing asphalt layers is polyester grid composite with an nonwoven geotextile. It's the best solution for reflective cracking.

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Grid Fabric Geocomposite for reinforcing asphalt layers,it’s a flexible polyester grid composite with an nonwoven geotextile.  Coated with bitumen, this geocomposite creates a strong bond with asphalt layers that allows its tensile strength and distribute loads over a greater area. It’s the best solution for reflective cracking. 

There is one significant enhancement compared to the regular grid products: the non-woven fabric layer is saturated with bitumen in order to provide an effective moisture barrier.


· Melting installation and ensures very good layer bonding.

· Bituminous coating ensures excellent adhesion to base layers

· Wide width and roll length reduce the number of overlaps and allow higher installation rates 

· Nonwoven backing facilitates installation by saving time and protecting against displacement

· Long-term dynamic load-carrying capability 

· High resistance to the mechanical damage

· High flexibility and adaptability simplify laying

· Resistant to installation damage




· Asphalt pavements

· Asphalt surface in road widening

· Asphalt wearing course on concrete road surface

· Asphalt layers in hydraulic engineering and landfill

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