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Characteristics of nonwoven geotextile with long filament

Jiangsu Hanovo New Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 13, 2017

(1) High temperature resistance. Anti-cracking geotextile raw materials for polyester fiber, melting point of 260 ℃, under 230 ℃ no obvious shrinkage, to overcome the general geotextile in the paving of hot asphalt concrete is prone to large shrinkage and wrinkling phenomenon.

(2) The product thickness is suitable, easy to combine with the bituminous road surface, and the viscous layer oil forms the isolation layer after the combination, has the waterproof and the heat preservation function.

(3) light weight and high strength. Tensile strength is ≥8 kn/m, elongation rate 40 ~ 60%, fully meet the jtj/t019-98 "Highway geosynthetics Stress Technical Specification" in the technical requirements of geotextiles.

(4) rough surface, not easy to slide. When laying the surface by special treatment after the rough side of the singeing, increase the friction coefficient, increasing the surface layer adhesion, to prevent the construction of the wheel rolled up, damage, and can inhibit the vehicle, paver on the cloth slip phenomenon.

(5) have anti-ultraviolet, cold freeze, chemical corrosion resistance and biological damage resistance.

(6) The construction is convenient. In order to facilitate the manual laying, each volume of burning felt has been added to the hard tube heart, can be based on different road width, custom different fabric width.