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Characteristics of warp-knitted composite geomembrane

Jiangsu Hanovo New Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 13, 2017

The warp-knitted composite geomembrane differs from the general Geomembrane. The most characteristic is that the intersection of the warp and the weft is not curved and each is in a straight state. Bind the two together firmly, can be completely more evenly synchronized, bear external forces, distribution stress, and when the applied external tear material instantaneous, the yarn will be along the initial rip, increase the tear strength.

Warp-knitted composite, that is, the use of warp-knitted bundles in warp, weft and geomembrane of the fiber layer repeatedly through, so that the three are together. Therefore, the composite geomembrane has both high tensile strength and low elongation, and also has the waterproof properties of Geomembrane. Therefore, the warp-knitted composite geomembrane is a kind of impervious material with reinforcement, isolation and protective effect. It is a high level of application of geo-composites in the world today.