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Geogrid applications and features

Jiangsu Hanovo New Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 29, 2018


1. Used to stabilize the railway subgrade;

2. It is used to stabilize the roadbed;

3. Embankments and retaining walls used to bear load;

4. For the management of shallow rivers;

5. Used to support the pipeline and sewer;

6. Hybrid retaining wall used to prevent the gravity of the landslide;

7. For independent walls, docks, breakwaters, etc.;

8. For the desert, beach and riverbed, riverbank governance. Geogrid is a new type of geosynthetic material made of high-strength plastic material specially processed. It utilizes the principle of its three-dimensional lateral limit. It is suitable for reinforcement of foundations, cushions and surface protection. It is a three-dimensional structure that changes its Depth and hole type combination can obtain rigid or semi-elastic plate, can greatly increase the carrying capacity of soft and loose filling materials, and can be widely used in the construction of railways, highways, deserts, swamps, tidal flats, airports, soft foundation treatment and edge Slope protection can also be used to control landslides, retaining walls, bridge jumping, and can also be used for urban afforestation protection.