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Technical advantages of Geogrid

Jiangsu Hanovo New Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 13, 2017

1. Friction is not easy to produce static electricity. In the underground environment of coal mine, the average surface resistance of plastic mesh is below 1x109ω.

2. Good flame retardant performance. Can meet the coal industry standard MT141-2005, mt113-1995 requirements of the flame retardant properties.

3. Easy coal washing. The density of plastic net is about 0.92, less than the density of water, in the process of coal washing, the broken mesh is floating on the surface and is easy to be washed away.

4. Strong anti-corrosion ability, anti-aging.

5. Convenient for construction and transportation. Plastic network is relatively soft, in the construction should not be scratched workers, and with easy to crimp bundling, mining grille cut and light weight advantages, so as to facilitate underground transportation, carrying and construction.

6. Vertical and horizontal direction have strong bearing capacity. Because this kind of plastic net is two-way stretching rather than knitting, the mesh hole creep is small, and the mesh size is even, which can effectively prevent the fall of broken coal, protect the safety of underground workers and the safety of underground workers and the safety of mine harvesters.