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What is Geotextiles?

Jiangsu Hanovo New Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 13, 2017

The manufacturing process of geotextiles is the first to process the polymer raw materials into filaments, staple fibres, yarns or strips, and then made into a planar structure of geotextiles. Geotextiles can be divided into textile (woven) Geotextiles and Nonwoven (nonwoven) Geotextiles According to the manufacturing method, and woven geotextiles are interwoven by two parallel orthogonal or oblique meridians and parallels, non-woven geotextile is the fiber for directional or random arrangement, and then after processing, according to the method of coupling fiber, can be divided into chemical (binder) coupling, thermal coupling and mechanical coupling three kinds of connection way.

Geotextile's outstanding advantages are light weight, good overall continuity (can be made into larger area of the whole), convenient construction, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance and resistance to microbial erosion is good, the disadvantage is that without special treatment, anti-ultraviolet ability is low, such as exposure, by Ultraviolet direct irradiation is easy to aging, but if not directly exposed, anti-aging and durability can still be higher.