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Basalt Fiber Mesh Used In New And Old Pavement

Jiangsu Hanovo New Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 26, 2017

Basalt Fiber Mesh Used in New and Old Pavement- -The Jinggang'ao Highway

Project Overview:

Jinggang'ao Highway in Hebei Province, in order to prevent the new and old pavement cracks, the new road sinking, anti-rutting off the surface of the ability to design a green basalt fiber mesh utilized in the road widening.

Engineering design requirements:

Basalt fiber mesh requirements: Biaxial fiber mesh, unit weight 200g / m2, tensile strength1700MPa, tensile modulus of elasticity 8.5 × 103MPa, elongation at break 2.0%, resistance Alkaline, tensile strength retention rate 75%.


Product Description:

Basalt fiber mesh is made of basalt fiber untwisted yarn woven on the machine. It has a high tensile strength, acid and alkali resistance, UV protection, environmental pollution-free features. It can improve the high temperature stability of asphalt concrete, low temperature crack resistance and fatigue resistance.

 basalt mesh photos.png

Construction Overview:

Surfaces shall be mechanically cleaned by sweeping and vacuuming and be free of oil, vegetation, sand, dirt, water and gravel. Spray the tack coat evenly between the old road and new road.,on milled surfaces an amount of 1.01.5kg/m2 to ensure a good bond between the old and new layers.

The surface temperature in laying the basalt fiber mesh should be over 5℃the temperature of the thermal bonding material should be maintained at between 165180 ℃

 According to the width of the basalt fiber mesh to be laid on both sides of the stitching seam good baseline, stitching seam center, and crossed with lime or chalk laying as a basis. After laying the equipment in place, place the basalt fiber cloth on the stand so that the basalt fiber cloth is perpendicular to the splicing seam.

Construction and emergency traffic may travel over the basalt fiber mesh once it has been placed and rolled, but turning and or braking must be avoided at all times. Any damaged sections caused by construction traffic must be removed.

The total amount of basalt fiber mesh is 157,735 square meters.

Construction picture:

            basalt mesh project photos.png 

Project summary:

Jinggang'ao highway, Basalt fiber mesh provides additional support to resist the migration of reflective cracks in new and old pavement.This provides some additional road life.