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Geogrid Becomes The Pillar In The Skeleton Of The Highway

Jiangsu Hanovo New Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Geogrid is the “pillar” in the skeleton of the highway. The geogrid uses its high toughness to combine the geogrid with the soil to form a good whole. The geogrid has strong tensile strength, and the mesh of the geogrid can effectively restrain the lateral deformation of the soil, thereby forming a better reinforcement effect.

According to the construction characteristics and structural characteristics of the subgrade, select the appropriate geogrid and carry out the performance test according to the test method of geogrid performance in the specification. Only after the inspection is qualified can the construction be carried out.

Before the roadbed is filled, the surface of the roadbed needs to be cleaned, and the weeds, humus, sundries, soft soil and other impurities on the surface of the roadbed are effectively cleaned. After the cleaning is completed, the entire paving site is leveled. . According to the basic principle of subgrade construction, the roadbed is vibrated and compacted to ensure that the bearing capacity of the subgrade meets the requirements.

Before laying the geogrid, it is necessary to ensure that the flatness of the paving surface meets the requirements. Generally, the flatness is controlled to be less than 15cm, and the paving base is strictly prohibited from gravel and large-diameter blocks. The full-section geogrid is laid on the flat lower bearing layer, and the laying range of the geogrid is marked with wooden stakes. Moreover, it is necessary to straighten the geogrid when paving, the surface of the grille is flat, and it needs to be close to the lower deck. The length of the adjacent two geogrid lap joints is controlled within a reasonable range. Generally, the lap width is controlled within 300-600 mm. The lap width of the upper and lower layers of the double-layer geogrid needs to be shifted by a certain distance, generally the upper and lower layers are staggered. It should be no less than 50cm and needs to be anchored with a staple. The U-shaped nails are arranged in a quincunx shape with a spacing of no more than 1 m. At the same time, the distance between the sides of the geogrid from the edge of the embankment is kept at 1.5m, and for the integrity between the grid and the soil, the grid needs to be folded back on the already compacted filling level, and the exposed geogrid is folded back. The grid needs to be covered with soil. In addition, when the geosynthetic material is damaged during construction, it is necessary to timely replace the damaged part of the geogrid.