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Geogrid Construction Points

Jiangsu Hanovo New Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 16, 2018

Geogrid construction points

Construction site: Compaction, leveling, and removal of spike projections are required.

Grid laying: In the leveling and compaction field, the main force direction (vertical direction) of the installed paving grid should be perpendicular to the direction of the embankment axis, and the paving should be smooth, non-folding and as tight as possible. With nails and earth and stone pressure fixed, the laying of the grid is the main direction of force is the best length of the joints, the connection between the web and the width of the bandage can be manually tied, lap width of not less than 10cm. If the grid is set more than two layers, the layers should be staggered between the layers. After large areas are laid, the overall straightness should be adjusted. After filling a layer of soil, before the rolling, the grid should be tensioned again by hand or machine, and the force should be even, so that the grid is in a straight and stress state in the soil.

Filler selection: Fillers should be selected according to design requirements. It has been proved that fillers can be used in addition to frozen soil, swamp soil, household garbage, chalk soil and diatomaceous earth. However, the mechanical properties of the gravel and sand soils are stable and are affected by the water content. The particle size of the filler must not exceed 15 cm, and attention should be paid to controlling the gradation of the filler to ensure the compaction weight.

The paving and compaction of the filler: When the grid is laid and positioned, it should be timely filled with soil, and the bare time shall not exceed 48 hours. It may also adopt the flowing operation method of backfilling while laying. Paving at the two ends first, fixing the grille and pushing it towards the middle. The order of rolling is first on both sides and then on the middle. When compacting, the pressure roller cannot directly contact with the sliver material, and the non-compacted screed generally does not allow the vehicle to travel on it so as to avoid dislocation of the sturdy material. Layered compaction is 20-30cm. The degree of compaction must meet the design requirements, which is the key to the success or failure of reinforced earth engineering.

Anti-drainage measures: In the reinforced earth works, we must do a good job of drainage treatment inside and outside the wall; we must do a good foot protection, prevent erosion; in the soil should be set filter, drainage measures, if necessary, should be set geotextile, permeable Tube (or blind ditch). Drainage should be taken in a dredging manner and it cannot be blocked, otherwise there will be hidden dangers.