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Glass Fiber Geogrid Laying Method

Jiangsu Hanovo New Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 04, 2018

Glass fiber geogrid laying method

Anchoring method: Glass fiber geogrid without self-adhesive can be used to reinforce asphalt concrete pavement and prevent road surface and pavement from reflecting cracks. Anchorage method can be used for construction, but fiberglass geogrid should be laid first, and then hot asphalt can be used for bonding. Oil, construction personnel must wear gloves, construction methods are as follows:

The sticky layer oil is selected from AH-70 or AH-90 heavy oil hot bitumen. The specification and quality of the sticky layer oil should be in accordance with the "Technical Specifications for Highway Asphalt Pavement Construction" JTJ032-94, using special vehicles for spraying. Sticky layer oil consumption of about 0.4kg-0.6kg per square meter.

When laying glass fiber geogrid, it should be laid smooth, tight, the length of lateral laps should be 50-100mm, the length of longitudinal lap should be 150-200mm, and press the rear end to the front end according to the direction of the paving. under.

Rolled with a rubber roller.

When the fiberglass geogrid is laid by a nail fixing method, one end is fixed with a fixed iron sheet and a nail on the lower layer structure of the asphalt that has been sprinkled with a sticky layer, and the nail can be shot with a hammer or a shotgun. When the grille is stretched longitudinally, the transverse direction of the glass fiber is in a state of straightening and tensioning.

When the nails are fixed, the lap distance of the grid is: the vertical joint overlap distance is not less than 15cm, and the lateral overlap distance is not less than 5cm. Longitudinal laps should be based on the direction of asphalt paving the previous one above the next.

Fixed nails can not be nailed on glass fiber, can not use a hammer directly hit the glass fiber. If it is found that the nail is broken or the iron sheet is loose after fixation, it needs to be re-fixed.

In order to prevent the tires of the construction vehicles from sticking the glass fiber grating and sticky oil. The phenomenon of skidding of asphalt concrete paver wheel should be met with stone chipping on the surface of sticky oil. The amount of stone chips is 3m3/1000m2-5m3/1000m2.

It must not be constructed when the atmospheric temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius or when the road is wet.

The construction method of the asphalt surface layer is the same as the construction method of the ordinary asphalt pavement surface, but it should be noted that the construction vehicle must not turn sharply on the surface of the surface of the glass fiber grating, and must be braked.