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Glass Fiber Geogrid To Improve The Stress Distribution Of Pavement Structure Resisting Cracks

Jiangsu Hanovo New Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Glass fiber geogrid is a new type of pavement geotechnical substrate for reinforcing pavement and roadbed. The product is made of high-quality reinforced unstructured glass fiber yarn and is woven from foreign advanced warp knitting machine. After surface coating treatment, it has Excellent resistance to performance The use of glass fiber geogrid can effectively improve the stress distribution of the pavement structure, resist and delay the occurrence of cracks caused by cracks in the base layer of the pavement, thereby improving the service life of the pavement. The use of this material compared to the traditional road surface can reduce the cost and extend the service life. This material is generally used for the reinforcement of the new pavement and the maintenance of the old road surface to prevent the generation of the reflection crack clock. The reinforcement treatment of soft soil roadbed promotes the consolidation of soft soil and improves the bearing capacity of soil foundation.

The product has high tensile strength, low elongation, high modulus of elasticity, high temperature resistance, no long-term creep, stable physical and chemical properties, anti-fatigue cracking, high temperature rutting, low temperature shrinkage resistance, and delayed reflection reduction. Cracks, and asphalt mixture have good compatibility and other excellent characteristics. It can be widely used in the reinforcement of asphalt pavement, cement concrete pavement and roadbed, and it can be used for both hard and flexible roads. Compared with the traditional road surface, it can prolong life, reduce maintenance costs and reduce maintenance frequency, reduce engineering cost, prevent road cracks and reflections, and cause road cracks. The product can also be used for the reinforcement of soft soil such as railways, airports, water conservancy, dams and the enhancement of roadbed layers.