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In Municipal Road Engineering, Glass Fiber Grating What Role

Jiangsu Hanovo New Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 06, 2018

In municipal road engineering, glass fiber grating what role

Glass fiber geogrid is mainly used for the transformation of the old road, the main use is to reduce the reflection cracks.

Fiberglass geogrid fiberglass alkali-free roving as the main raw material, using a certain degree of weaving technology made of mesh structure materials, to protect the glass fiber, improve the overall use of polyester geogrid using high-strength Hailong industrial filament , After the warp knitting weave grid fabric, coated and processed into geogrids.

Geotextiles for roads, railways, tunnels, dams, tailings treatment, isolation, filtration, row, reinforcement, protection and enhancement .

Asphalt overlay cracks cause analysis of properties, through a special coating treatment process and the formation of a new fine geotextile substrate.

Adding asphalt layer on the old cement concrete pavement is a kind of special pavement structure, whose stress-strain characteristics are quite different from the general elastic layered system.

  (1)  Due to the presence of seams and cracks, the overall strength of the old cement concrete pavement as a base layer is reduced, and under the action of external force, the asphalt overlay layer is in a three-dimensional stress state. Vehicle through the discontinuous plate body, because the seam, cracks on both sides of the adjacent plates produce vertical reflective crack displacement difference, asphalt overlay in the corresponding location of a larger shear stress, this shear stress is asphalt plus The main reason reflective ply cracks. This type of crack is commonly referred to as a load-type reflective crack.

  (2)  Due to the exposure of the pavement to the atmosphere, due to the cyclical changes of the air temperature, shrinkage of the asphalt overlay and the old cement concrete panel occurs, resulting in temperature stress. As the stress of the old cement concrete pavement is discontinuous at the joint, the asphalt overlay simultaneously bears the temperature stress caused by itself and the old pavement, especially when the winter temperature is low, Department, because the tensile stress is too large and cracking, the formation of temperature reflection cracks.