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Landfill Special Geogrid

Jiangsu Hanovo New Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Geogrid introduction

Geogrid is a major geosynthetic material with unique properties and efficacy compared to other geosynthetics.

Geogrids are often used as reinforcements for reinforced earth structures or as composite materials.

Geogrid is divided into four categories: plastic geogrid, steel geogrid, fiberglass geogrid and polyester warp-knitted polyester geogrid.

Technical advantages

Friction is not easy to generate static electricity. In the underground coal mine environment, the average surface resistance of the plastic mesh is below 1 × 109 Ω.

Good flame retardant performance. The flame retardant properties specified in the coal industry standards MT141-2005 and MT113-1995 can be respectively achieved.

Easy to wash coal. The density of the plastic mesh is about 0.92, which is less than the density of water. During the coal washing process, the broken mesh floats on the water surface and is easily washed away.

Strong anti-corrosion ability and anti-aging.

Easy to construct and transport. The plastic net is relatively soft, it is not suitable for scratching workers during construction, and it has the advantages of easy curling and bundling, mining grid cutting and light weight, so it is convenient for underground transportation, carrying and construction.

Both vertical and horizontal directions have strong carrying capacity. Since the plastic mesh is biaxially stretched rather than woven, the mesh has a small creep variable and a uniform mesh size, which can effectively prevent the falling of the coal briquettes, protect the safety of the workers underground and the safety of the workers under the mine. The safety of the mine car operation.