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One-way Geogrid Main Use

Jiangsu Hanovo New Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 13, 2017

1. Strengthen the roadbed, can effectively distribute the diffusion load, the progress roadbed stability and the bearing capacity, extends the use of the stature;

2. Can accept greater alternating load;

3. Avoid roadbed deformation and cracking of subgrade data loss;

4. To make the Earth-retaining wall after the development of self-supporting, reduce the earth pressure retaining wall, save costs, extend the use of the stature, and reduce repair costs;

5. Contact with Shotcrete and Anchor concrete construction method to protect the slope, not only can save 30%-50% investment, but also can shorten the period of 1 time times;

6. In the roadbed and surface of the road to participate in Geogrid, can reduce the deflection, cut rut, delay the presentation time 3-9 times, can reduce the thickness of the structure of 36%;

7. Applicable to all kinds of soil, no need for off-site selection, provincial labor;

8. Simple construction, can greatly reduce the cost of construction.