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Reinforcing Effect Of Green Retaining Wall Of Geogrid On Construction Layer

Jiangsu Hanovo New Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 03, 2018

  The plastic geogrid can effectively control the uneven settlement of the soil, improve the vertical bearing capacity of the geogrid, and can effectively control the horizontal displacement of the soil. When the grille is caused by the external load to cause the soil to diffuse outwards. Sawtooth-shaped ribs can effectively interlock soil, prevent further diffusion of soil, and ensure the overall strength and stability of soil.

  Geogrid Green retaining wall, at least a layer of geogrid, adjacent two layers of geogrid corresponding connection, each geogrid is filled with filler, filler mixed with fertilizer and grass species. The retaining wall is a flexible structure and has better seismic performance than traditional gravity and semi-gravity rigid retaining walls. The structure is simple, inexpensive, and green, providing a new way for slope support. .

The plastic geogrid is in a retaining wall. A protruding rib is arranged on one side of the grating mesh, and the protruding rib stands along the transverse ribs or the longitudinal ribs on the transverse ribs or the longitudinal ribs so that the transverse ribs or the longitudinal ribs are along the width The cross section of the direction is T-shaped. Through the increase of the foundation area with the construction layer, a better reinforcement effect on the construction layer will be obtained.