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RTM Molding Process And Classification

Jiangsu Hanovo New Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 15, 2018

RTM molding process and classification


RTM refers to a low-viscosity resin flow in the closed mold, infiltration of reinforced materials and curing a forming technology, belonging to the liquid composite forming or liquid forming technology areas. The specific method is that the designed mold is preliminarily put into a reinforcing material which is reasonably designed, tailored or preformed by mechanization. The mold needs to be sealed and fastened at the periphery, and the resin flow is ensured smoothly. After the mold is closed, the quantitative resin is injected, After curing the resin can be stripped to get the desired product.


SMC, BMC molding, injection molding, RTM, VEC technology are closed mold forming process. The development of RTM technology has been promoted especially in recent years due to the increasingly restricted open-mold composite materials due to the enactment of environmental laws and the enhancement of product requirements.