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Seven Characteristics Of High-strength Geogrid

Jiangsu Hanovo New Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2018

Seven characteristics of high-strength geogrid

1. High strength, small creep, adapt to all kinds of environmental soils, and can fully meet the use of tall retaining walls in high-grade highways.

2. It can effectively improve the interlocking and biting of the reinforced bearing surface, greatly enhance the bearing capacity of the foundation, effectively restrain the lateral displacement of the soil, and enhance the stability of the foundation.

3, compared with the traditional grille has more strength, bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, friction coefficient, uniform hole, easy construction, long service life and so on.

4. It is more suitable for deep-sea operations and embankment reinforcement. It fundamentally solves the technical problems of other materials such as low strength, poor corrosion resistance, and short service life caused by stone cages being damaged by seawater for a long time.

5. It can effectively avoid construction damage caused by roller compaction and destruction during construction.

6. The width of the steel-plastic grille can reach 6m, and the high-efficiency and economical reinforcement effect can be achieved.

7. The high-density polyethylene used in steel-plastic grille can ensure that it will not be affected by acid, alkali and salt solutions or oil at normal temperature; it will not be dissolved by water or microorganisms. At the same time, the polymer properties of polyethylene are also sufficient to resist the aging caused by UV radiation. After the grille is forced, the vertical and horizontal ribs work together and no cracking or breakage of the joints occurs. In the actual project, after the packing is compacted, it is not eroded by ultraviolet light and oxygen, so it can completely meet the requirements of permanent engineering construction.