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The Main Points Of Geotechnical Grid Construction

Jiangsu Hanovo New Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 13, 2017

(1) When the fiberglass grille is laid, the pavement temperature is required between 5℃~60℃.

(2) glass fiber Geogrid back gum easy to dissolve in water, rainy days or road surface is not allowed to construction.

(3) Strictly control the transport of vehicles transporting mixed materials, on the grid layer to prohibit the vehicle emergency steering, braking and pouring mixture of materials to prevent damage to the glass grating.

(4) When the use of the rubber wheel roller to increase the weight of water injection, its water injection can not be too full, in order to prevent overflow to the glass fiber grating, causing its back belly loss of sticky.

(5) In the course of laying the glass fiber grille, if it is found that the original road surface has not been filled with a small pit pond, it can be cut to the part of the pit pond on the paved grille so that the pits can be completely filled when the upper layer asphalt mixture is paved.

(6) Fiberglass grille for glass fiber manufacturing, the human skin easy to stimulate the role, construction personnel must wear protective gloves.