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The Main Use Of Geogrid And Its Application In Dikes

Jiangsu Hanovo New Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 27, 2018

Since the early 1980s, China has started the application and research of synthetic materials such as geotextiles. Through its application in many projects, the advantages of this material and technology are increasingly recognized by the engineering community. Geosynthetics have functions such as filtration, drainage, isolation, reinforcement, anti-seepage and protection. Among them, the reinforcement function (especially the new geotechnical materials) has been applied more and more in recent years, and the field of use has gradually expanded. Despite this, the application of this technology in China is still not popular, and it is currently in the promotion stage, especially in large and medium-sized projects. Geogrid manufacturers have found that the geogrid is mainly used for roads, railways, etc., and is also used in flood control dykes, cofferdams, and inland ports. 

According to the performance and characteristics of geogrid, its main purpose in engineering is:

(1) Ground treatment. It can be used to reinforce weak foundations, rapidly improve foundation bearing capacity, and control settlement and uneven settlement. At present, it is mostly used in projects where railways, highways, etc. have relatively low requirements for foundation treatment.

(2) Reinforced earth retaining wall and revetment. In the reinforced earth retaining wall, the tensile resistance of the geogrid and the constraint on the lateral displacement of the soil particles will greatly increase the stability of the soil itself. It is now used for reinforcement of railways, highway slope retaining walls, river bank revetment and some high slope projects.

In recent years, the construction of flood control and bank protection projects has received more and more attention, and the number of engineering construction projects has increased. The application of geogrids in dike projects has become more and more popular. Especially in the urban dike project, in order to reduce the land area of the dike project and increase the valuable land resources, the slope of the river embankment always tends to adopt a steep slope. For dyke projects filled with earth and stone, when the filling materials can not meet the stability requirements of slope protection, the use of reinforced soil can not only solve the stability requirements of slope protection well, but also reduce the uneven settlement of the levee body. it is good.

The geogrid reinforcement layer has a significant effect on preventing cracks in the base layer and prolonging the life of the pavement. Geogrid has high tensile strength, low elongation, no creep, good compatibility with asphalt mixture, stable physical and chemical properties, high temperature resistance, strong interlocking and limiting effect, etc. Its main function is uniform transmission.

The axle load and the reflected crack stress is changed from the vertical direction to the horizontal direction. The use of geogrid can enhance the overall tensile strength of the asphalt mixture, effectively improve the stress distribution of the pavement structure, effectively delay and resist the occurrence of reflective cracks on the asphalt concrete pavement caused by the cracks in the base layer of the pavement, thereby improving the service life of the pavement.