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The Use Effect Of Fiberglass Grating Is Closely Related To The Pavement Pavement Treatment

Jiangsu Hanovo New Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 28, 2018

The use effect of fiberglass grating is closely related to the pavement pavement treatment. Before paving, the material on the pavement which may affect the bonding strength between the grating and the ground floor, such as grease, paint, sealing material, water stains and dirt, must be completely removed Clean, so laying surface clean and dry. Sensitive pressure on the fiberglass grating dorsovera is a water-soluble material, such as pavement water track, should be paved road surface after drying. Spread viscous oil before laying the grill, sticky layer of oil, such as the use of emulsified asphalt, to be demolished and dried after laying grille.

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