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Three Major Categories To Buy Geogrid

Jiangsu Hanovo New Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 02, 2019

As the main geosynthetic material, geogrid has unique performance and efficacy compared with other geosynthetic materials. Geogrids are often used as reinforcements for reinforced earth structures or composite materials. Geogrid is divided into three categories: plastic geogrid, steel geogrid, and fiberglass geogrid geogrid.

Plastic geogrid is a typical polymer mesh material. Generally, it is formed by stretching. The main shape is square and distance. There are two kinds of stretching methods in the production process. It is biaxial stretching and uniaxial stretching, and three-way stretching. In the production process of the plastic geogrid, since the polymer of the polymer is heated, the extension can be better only under the condition of heating, thereby achieving the purpose of re-discharging orientation. The use of plastic geogrid is such that the anti-aging material is added to the geogrid, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, anti-aging and durability, and can be used in the engineering of the permeation layer. Large protection of the permeable layer.

The steel-plastic geogrid is a high-strength strip (PP) or high-strength strip wrapped by high-density (PP) or (HDPE). It is ultrasonically welded and varies in diameter and number to change the tension of the strip according to engineering needs. Through the processing of the plastic surface in the production process, the concave and convex pattern is pressed, the welding point strength is increased, the friction coefficient of the ribbed surface is improved, and the formation of the fracture surface of the soft foundation bearing strength is improved, and the requirements of the permanent engineering construction of the project are met.

Glass fiber geogrid is an excellent geosynthetic material used for road reinforcement, old road reinforcement, reinforcement of roadbed and soft soil foundation. It has become an irreplaceable material in the application of reflective cracking on asphalt pavement. The product is a semi-rigid product made of high-strength alkali-free glass fiber through the international advanced warp knitting process to make a mesh substrate and surface coating treatment.